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This is my first album, it's more of a collection of tracks I've been working on. This was done just fun, and I hope you enjoy it. Here's a little about each track

Intro- This was my second track, unfortunately, as the name implies, it got destroyed. I lost the file, and I couldn't get around to replicating it. It was one of my favourites at the time, and I still enjoy it. I'm not sure where it would have gone, but it might have been awesome. Then again, I will never know, and sometimes that's for the best.

The Raph Graph- 808's, and heavy throbbing basslines. What's not to love? The Raph Graph is a very loud track, full of bass. It's what I like, and I hope you enjoy it too. There's also a very nice synth at the beginning and -wait, what was that? was that a voice? Nah it couldn't be.

Bass Honey- Ahhh, my first finished track. It's horrible quality and I knew nothing of EQ back then(unfortunately, very little has changed), but I thoroughly enjoyed writing and finishing this track. I hope you will too.

BIG UPS to my sister for doing an amazing job with the album cover, I probably drove her mad trying to finish it. Well done DJ Deenerz(that's what she calls herself), you shall probably be featured on my next, hopefully full-length album.


released December 26, 2012





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